Getting juicy with it ;)

So whats the dillio with juice cleansing!? We have all heard of it and the prospect can be pretty daunting replacing food for just juice!! You know how i love to cook and make up my little experiments so the idea of no cooking for 5 days is slightly scary!! i have always been a fan of the juice cleanse and whenever i have felt a little sluggish i have turned to a 3 day cleanse to give me a boost! So When my good friend Zoe  Palmer Wright mentioned had started a juice cleanse with The London Detox i was very eager to try it out! However this time i gave the 5 days a crack! Its such a great fast way of cramming so many nutrients into your body in a short space of time! it can result in clearer skin, more energy and improved digestion! The first day of a juice cleanse is always a mixture of excitement and nerves!! The end seems so far away but when you do finally complete your mission its such a high five moment, knowing you have given your body a well deserved rest and health kick!!! People do cleanses for many reasons but for my main reason was to give myself a spring clean from the inside! After getting through all the chocolate you can see at christmas (Fess up… we all scraped around the bottom of that roses tin praying your favourite has snuck back in there, finally compromising with a coffee creme…..bleurgh) January is usually the popular time to give your body a detox, but for me i travelled straight out to australia after christmas and then almost directly to the ukraine to finish filming the Devils Harvest. So long flights and long days meant i was certainly ready for a boost in vitamins and what better way to cram maximum health into your body than a vegetable and fruit juice cleanse!

day 1:

At 9.00 my juice box arrived with 4 freshly made juices in gorgeous glass bottles for the day. Along with my juices i got a box of supplements which you take every night before bed to help with the detoxing. It was all very exciting with a step by step manual on the juice cleanse with tips to guide you through it smoothly! There was also a recipe card to tell you exactly what goes into your juices! Its quite a strange adjustment replacing food with juice and not having to find time for meals or decide what to cook, and i was a busy bee that day so that extra time came in handy!! But that being said day one was fairly easy because its all quite exciting trying all the new flavours of juice! I was nervous that i was going to be hungry for 5 days and i can honestly say i am certainly no joy to be around when im hungry (aka HANGRY: when your sooooo hungry you feel a liiiiiiiitle bit angry about it!! haha!!!) But you have so much juice to get through in the day i wasn’t hungry at all thankfully! The day flew by and i went to bed looking forward to all the new flavours of juice on day 2!!

Day 2:

Woke up feeling a little more tired than usual as my body was getting used to the detox. But all the different flavours of juices means that even though you are just drinking liquid they never get boring! On this day i drank quite a lot of peppermint tea to help me stay warm! The shift from food to juice was quite difficult on this day as the lack of chewing left me in a couple of day dreams involving red velvet Cupcakes!!! But I pushed on through and had a nice relaxing day, on the cleanse relaxation is recommended and luckily on this day i had a gentle day! I did some nice calming yoga and crammed in a friends marathon!! (any excuse for a marathon of friends, Ross Geller never fails to make my day!) One thing i would say is DON’T plan a busy day for day 2 of your cleanse! CHILLAX!

Day 3:

So after feeling a little tired yesterday i had no idea how i was going to feel waking up, but i have to say i was pleasantly surprised! i woke up with so much energy!!!  I guess once you have given your digestive system a break and crammed in so many vitamins and nutrients thats the effect it has! I had such a busy day so i was very grateful for the extra energy and found this day extremely easy! I noticed on day 1&2 i was kind of counting down till the next juice but day 3 i almost forgot my last one (i say ALMOST because they are so nice, no way i’m letting one of those bad boys slip away!)

Day 4:

Same as day 3 i woke up with even more energy than usual! Im starting to notice an improvement in my skin and really feeling the benefits of the cleanse! (Plus getting a delivery every morning is an added bonus makes you feel important haha) I notice today my salt and sugar cravings have gone and while on the first couple of days i really missed food, i feel so different today  full of beans… well juice!!!!


final day of the cleanse and have to say i was a little nervous as i never thought i could survive on juice for 5 days but as a result of the last 5 days i feel brand new again body and mind! I am however looking forward to a nice breakfast tomorrow but i do notice that my taste buds have kind of reset themselves and my food cravings are very different than they were at the beginning of the cleanse!!

I should mention there are many cleanse options out there through many different companies to suit your budget and your needs! There is something out there for everyone and also if you feel up to the challenge you can always make your own juices, i recommend  jason vale books for tips on how to juice at home .

To round up i am thrilled with how the cleanse went and it was a lot easier than i had anticipated!! I would seriously recommend it if you are looking to give yourself a boost! If you are new to cleansing i think a 3 day is the best way to go as 5 days can be quite a shock to the system if you are new to it! Massive thank you to Zoe Plamer-Wright and for a fantastic 5 days!!!




Passion for fashion!! LFW

Firsty thank you so much for my sprouts who have been voting for me in the Anglophenia tournament you guys rock my world and your on going support with everything is majorly cool to me! Very lucky to have you lovely people in my life!

London fashion week has now come and gone…much like the British summer. I was lucky enough to catch some shows whilst I have been here in London (the shows that is…not the weather, I somehow managed to miss that window if sunshine! )

This was my very first experience of fashion week and I loved it! My first show was Whistles and I have always been a fan of their clothes so to see them storming down the catwalk in their full glory was a treat! Their clothes are always so elegant and beautifully fitted! Their show was so beautifully simple and elegant and the clothes were showcased beautifully in the Heron Tower with gorgeous views over London!

My fashion week highlight was the Topshop unique show! The atmosphere was electric in there and heightened when Anna Wintour and Kate moss (who is SO striking, all heads were turning.) I was lucky enough to sit next to one of my besties the lovely Daisy Lowe and after having a cheeky little catch up it was times for the show! From silk sun dresses to suede jackets the clothes were beautiful, shown by the likes of the gorgeous Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn in a lovely mixture of colours from marigold yellow, warm peach and white and at the other end sea blue and velvet green! I left excited for next season…and really wanting a backpack!! 🙂

To round up lots of beautiful clothes, girls, clothes, champagne and every canapé under the sun! (I had a nice surprise at an event at Harrods for the launch of Dr. Lancer, instead of champagne there were fresh juices and instead of canapés healthy snacks like sugar free brownies curtesy of soul mate foods! mmmmmm 🙂 check them out sprouts!!) Lots of pinks, metallics, cut out backs and backpacks I have left feeling inspired and again….really wanting a backpack 🙂

My next blog is going to be a recipe after having a little time back home I have been experimenting to find some great things to share with you! 🙂 see you soon! Barks xxx

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Family fun in old London Town :)

So I promised to write about my girly day with the family so here goes it….

So travelling around with work means that the time you do get to spend with family is extremely precious! So having just got back from my Jazzy few weeks doing ‘Chicago’ in LA I had a few days before I left to start filming in Dracula! My mum and sister were able to come down for the day and I wanted to make sure they have a fun day (Thank you for all your recommendations!!)

First up… It’s not a girly girly girly day without a bit of spa action so we headed to sanctuary spa in Covent Garden for some ultimate relaxation! I saw the flippin lovely Nichola Joss who is divine! Thank you so much to the sanctuary for having us I left feeling chilled as a fro-yo :p

20130821-111103 PM.jpg

Next up one of my favourite hobbies…. Operation- AFTERNOON TEA. Location- The Ritz, Mayfair London!! So one of my favourite things about being a Brit is our passion for afternoon tea! Being an enthusiast of this British pastime I have tried many afternoon tea spots and I have to say this one is right up there! Here is the low down on the Ritz… You eat the row….they replace the row! Eat the row…REPLACE THE ROW! This means unlimited scon-aaage, now that’s what I call a dream! (I’m easily pleased i know 🙂 )

20130821-111912 PM.jpg

Then it was a trip to Knightsbridge to check out Harrods and Harvey Nic’s because who doesn’t love a good browse!? (I love the Harvey Nic’s exotic foods section) We had drinks on the rooftop terrace and I was grateful the rain was hiding for once!

To finish the day off we were joined by our very best family friends at one of my favourite restaurants in London ‘Saf’ above whole foods in Kensington! For any vegetarians/vegans/raw foodists or anyone who likes to try interesting takes on classic meals this is one worth checking out! I had the curry served with cauliflower rice and its was so great!

So that was my girly day! For anyone looking for fun things to do in London I would recommend highly all the above! Thank you to sanctuary spa, Nichola joss, The Ritz, Saf for having us..and all my lovely sprout suggestions! It was such a special day 🙂
peace out
Barks xXx

Hello from the USA!

Hello from sunny California!

Weather out here is so blooming wonderful (trying to remember to get that factor 50 on the go) 🙂

So I am out here currently rehearsing to play Velma Kelly in Chicago at the hollywood bowl this year on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July!! It’s going really well and I’m having lots of fun! Currently dancing my tush off every day and I can’t tell you how many times I did a one woman version of cell block tango as a kid in my bedroom… No one ever needs to see that! Haha

One of my favourite thing to do is a BBQ! and YES I know that’s a strange one coming from a vegetarian but I’m currently loving me some fake bacon (tempeh) so I wack a bit off that on the BBQ and happy days 🙂 Last night I was at a BBQ and was introduced to the sport UFC! Now for any fans of the TV show friends this is what Monica’s boyfriend Pete gets into… But that was where my knowledge ended!! I watched it last night and Blimey o’ reiley!! It’s SOOOO brutal! Anderson Silva VS Chris Weidman and it was nail biting! Before it started everyone was saying this guy has NOOO chance against Silva so when Weidman won by KNOCKOUT the room exploded! Nail biting stuff! I watched it in the way I watch a horror movie…. Hands over my face just exposing my eyes (why do we do that…. It’s so pointless) haha

Also while I have been out here in LA it’s like food heaven for a vegetarian! so many amazing restaurants with do much choice for veggies! Cafe Gratitude, Real food daily, Veggie grill! Makes me happy!! Also came across a little gem in the farmers market called Zia Valentina and its so great for anyone who lives here or visiting I urge you to check it out!! It sells granita which is similar to a slush puppy but instead of being packed with sugar it’s made with all kinds of great stuff like almond milk and coconut and sweetened with stevia, and you feel chilled but full of energy! My new post hot yoga cool down! They also sell chocolate muffins made with zucchini which are UH- maaaaaazing! Check them out!

Anyway off to rehearsals now for a cheeky shimmy!! See you all later!!

PEACE, Barks Xxx



Video from my sproutlings

Ok so this video may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I have just watched it 3 times so I could take it all in! Now crying….(happy tears…not ugly tears) 🙂
1. How bloody beautiful are my sprouts inside and out!! I am one lucky sprout boss!
2. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send their lovely video messages and posters and pictures I am so deeply touched you have no idea!
3. The fact that many of you said I have inspired you to rock out your inner self makes me beam, but you should know you guys inspire me daily with your kind words on twitter to be myself…and just smile 🙂
4. I am so happy you guys have all met each other and found a little quirky nook in this crazy world!! You are all so loving and it only makes sense that you all meet epic-ness to match your own epic-ness! I’m also proud and thrilled to be a part if our kooky gang 🙂

Sending the worlds biggest hug to all you beautiful beings!! 🙂 Barks x

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TT races, glamour + afternoon tea…

So this past week has been so much fun! In my last post I mentioned that I was going to the glamour awards… And I won!! I won breakthrough of the year and i was chuffed to bits! It was such a great evening and celebration of womanhood!! Victoria Beckham in her acceptance speech actually did her ever famous “girl power” (the 7 year old in me wanted to jump out of my seat grab a glow stick and sing wannabe) the whole evening was inspirational, celebrating women from sports, music, theatre and film! It was so great to see women celebrating other women in such a positive way! THANK YOU glamour magazine 🙂 yipeeeeeeeee

This weekend I went home to watch the TT races in the Isle of Man! And the weather shone down on the island the whole time highlighting its beauty! It’s an amazing time on the Isle of Man because usually populated by about 85,000 people, for one week the island is totally flooded and the atmosphere is electric! We watched from the grand stand and it was so exciting seeing the racers set off! As i was there i remembered when I had just finished the show ‘I’d do anything’ I sung the national anthem before the race! I was such a proud manxie!!

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I am an afternoon tea enthusiast!! It’s my favourite treat and there’s nothing better on a Sunday than a drive and an afternoon tea! (I understand how rock and roll this sounds…..) there are many people who dash to the opening of a club or something, but for me I will be first in line for a cheeky little scone 😉 on the Isle of Man there are some beautiful spots for this! Please send me your favourite places for afternoon tea! I recently tried the one in the W hotel in London (and I know I said it wasn’t rock and roll…….) but its all served on records and everything has rocking names!! I just thought it was so different I loved it!! Any way that’s all from me, lets visually all let out your inner 90’s child, put on our ‘pedal pushers’ slick our hair back (apart from 2 strands at the front… What was that about!?) and yell GIRL POWER! Just because….you know… It feels good!! Haha

Love to y’all 😉 barks xxxx

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Life is just banana’s…

So first entry to the blog!! I have the glamour awards tonight which I am super duper excited about as I have been nominated for breakout of the year! Yipeeeee! I have been asked on twitter about healthy breakfast ideas so this morning I made breakfast for my sister and her boyfriend and it was a success!! So I will use this opportunity to geek out about one of my favourite gadgets that I have in the kitchen, my air fryer! This deep fries things without ANY oil!! (I KNOW!?) It gives you that crispiness without adding a thing!! I got experimental and wondered what would happen if you air-fried a banana!? Answer: DREAM!! Such a simple yet healthy breakfast! I toasted a slice of rye bread spread peanut butter on it, topped it with the air-fried banana, added a little drizzle of maple syrup and then to finish a little sprinkle of cinnamon!! Boom! The airfried banana was caramelised and really brought out the sweetness which tasted amazing with the peanut butter and cinnamon! The panel were pleased 🙂 so I think I will make that one again!! Good morning/day/night! Barks Xx

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