Hello from the USA!

Hello from sunny California!

Weather out here is so blooming wonderful (trying to remember to get that factor 50 on the go) 🙂

So I am out here currently rehearsing to play Velma Kelly in Chicago at the hollywood bowl this year on the 26th, 27th and 28th of July!! It’s going really well and I’m having lots of fun! Currently dancing my tush off every day and I can’t tell you how many times I did a one woman version of cell block tango as a kid in my bedroom… No one ever needs to see that! Haha

One of my favourite thing to do is a BBQ! and YES I know that’s a strange one coming from a vegetarian but I’m currently loving me some fake bacon (tempeh) so I wack a bit off that on the BBQ and happy days 🙂 Last night I was at a BBQ and was introduced to the sport UFC! Now for any fans of the TV show friends this is what Monica’s boyfriend Pete gets into… But that was where my knowledge ended!! I watched it last night and Blimey o’ reiley!! It’s SOOOO brutal! Anderson Silva VS Chris Weidman and it was nail biting! Before it started everyone was saying this guy has NOOO chance against Silva so when Weidman won by KNOCKOUT the room exploded! Nail biting stuff! I watched it in the way I watch a horror movie…. Hands over my face just exposing my eyes (why do we do that…. It’s so pointless) haha

Also while I have been out here in LA it’s like food heaven for a vegetarian! so many amazing restaurants with do much choice for veggies! Cafe Gratitude, Real food daily, Veggie grill! Makes me happy!! Also came across a little gem in the farmers market called Zia Valentina and its so great for anyone who lives here or visiting I urge you to check it out!! It sells granita which is similar to a slush puppy but instead of being packed with sugar it’s made with all kinds of great stuff like almond milk and coconut and sweetened with stevia, and you feel chilled but full of energy! My new post hot yoga cool down! They also sell chocolate muffins made with zucchini which are UH- maaaaaazing! Check them out!

Anyway off to rehearsals now for a cheeky shimmy!! See you all later!!

PEACE, Barks Xxx