Getting juicy with it ;)

So whats the dillio with juice cleansing!? We have all heard of it and the prospect can be pretty daunting replacing food for just juice!! You know how i love to cook and make up my little experiments so the idea of no cooking for 5 days is slightly scary!! i have always been a fan of the juice cleanse and whenever i have felt a little sluggish i have turned to a 3 day cleanse to give me a boost! So When my good friend Zoe  Palmer Wright mentioned had started a juice cleanse with The London Detox i was very eager to try it out! However this time i gave the 5 days a crack! Its such a great fast way of cramming so many nutrients into your body in a short space of time! it can result in clearer skin, more energy and improved digestion! The first day of a juice cleanse is always a mixture of excitement and nerves!! The end seems so far away but when you do finally complete your mission its such a high five moment, knowing you have given your body a well deserved rest and health kick!!! People do cleanses for many reasons but for my main reason was to give myself a spring clean from the inside! After getting through all the chocolate you can see at christmas (Fess up… we all scraped around the bottom of that roses tin praying your favourite has snuck back in there, finally compromising with a coffee creme…..bleurgh) January is usually the popular time to give your body a detox, but for me i travelled straight out to australia after christmas and then almost directly to the ukraine to finish filming the Devils Harvest. So long flights and long days meant i was certainly ready for a boost in vitamins and what better way to cram maximum health into your body than a vegetable and fruit juice cleanse!

day 1:

At 9.00 my juice box arrived with 4 freshly made juices in gorgeous glass bottles for the day. Along with my juices i got a box of supplements which you take every night before bed to help with the detoxing. It was all very exciting with a step by step manual on the juice cleanse with tips to guide you through it smoothly! There was also a recipe card to tell you exactly what goes into your juices! Its quite a strange adjustment replacing food with juice and not having to find time for meals or decide what to cook, and i was a busy bee that day so that extra time came in handy!! But that being said day one was fairly easy because its all quite exciting trying all the new flavours of juice! I was nervous that i was going to be hungry for 5 days and i can honestly say i am certainly no joy to be around when im hungry (aka HANGRY: when your sooooo hungry you feel a liiiiiiiitle bit angry about it!! haha!!!) But you have so much juice to get through in the day i wasn’t hungry at all thankfully! The day flew by and i went to bed looking forward to all the new flavours of juice on day 2!!

Day 2:

Woke up feeling a little more tired than usual as my body was getting used to the detox. But all the different flavours of juices means that even though you are just drinking liquid they never get boring! On this day i drank quite a lot of peppermint tea to help me stay warm! The shift from food to juice was quite difficult on this day as the lack of chewing left me in a couple of day dreams involving red velvet Cupcakes!!! But I pushed on through and had a nice relaxing day, on the cleanse relaxation is recommended and luckily on this day i had a gentle day! I did some nice calming yoga and crammed in a friends marathon!! (any excuse for a marathon of friends, Ross Geller never fails to make my day!) One thing i would say is DON’T plan a busy day for day 2 of your cleanse! CHILLAX!

Day 3:

So after feeling a little tired yesterday i had no idea how i was going to feel waking up, but i have to say i was pleasantly surprised! i woke up with so much energy!!!  I guess once you have given your digestive system a break and crammed in so many vitamins and nutrients thats the effect it has! I had such a busy day so i was very grateful for the extra energy and found this day extremely easy! I noticed on day 1&2 i was kind of counting down till the next juice but day 3 i almost forgot my last one (i say ALMOST because they are so nice, no way i’m letting one of those bad boys slip away!)

Day 4:

Same as day 3 i woke up with even more energy than usual! Im starting to notice an improvement in my skin and really feeling the benefits of the cleanse! (Plus getting a delivery every morning is an added bonus makes you feel important haha) I notice today my salt and sugar cravings have gone and while on the first couple of days i really missed food, i feel so different today  full of beans… well juice!!!!


final day of the cleanse and have to say i was a little nervous as i never thought i could survive on juice for 5 days but as a result of the last 5 days i feel brand new again body and mind! I am however looking forward to a nice breakfast tomorrow but i do notice that my taste buds have kind of reset themselves and my food cravings are very different than they were at the beginning of the cleanse!!

I should mention there are many cleanse options out there through many different companies to suit your budget and your needs! There is something out there for everyone and also if you feel up to the challenge you can always make your own juices, i recommend  jason vale books for tips on how to juice at home .

To round up i am thrilled with how the cleanse went and it was a lot easier than i had anticipated!! I would seriously recommend it if you are looking to give yourself a boost! If you are new to cleansing i think a 3 day is the best way to go as 5 days can be quite a shock to the system if you are new to it! Massive thank you to Zoe Plamer-Wright and for a fantastic 5 days!!!