Family fun in old London Town :)

So I promised to write about my girly day with the family so here goes it….

So travelling around with work means that the time you do get to spend with family is extremely precious! So having just got back from my Jazzy few weeks doing ‘Chicago’ in LA I had a few days before I left to start filming in Dracula! My mum and sister were able to come down for the day and I wanted to make sure they have a fun day (Thank you for all your recommendations!!)

First up… It’s not a girly girly girly day without a bit of spa action so we headed to sanctuary spa in Covent Garden for some ultimate relaxation! I saw the flippin lovely Nichola Joss who is divine! Thank you so much to the sanctuary for having us I left feeling chilled as a fro-yo :p

20130821-111103 PM.jpg

Next up one of my favourite hobbies…. Operation- AFTERNOON TEA. Location- The Ritz, Mayfair London!! So one of my favourite things about being a Brit is our passion for afternoon tea! Being an enthusiast of this British pastime I have tried many afternoon tea spots and I have to say this one is right up there! Here is the low down on the Ritz… You eat the row….they replace the row! Eat the row…REPLACE THE ROW! This means unlimited scon-aaage, now that’s what I call a dream! (I’m easily pleased i know 🙂 )

20130821-111912 PM.jpg

Then it was a trip to Knightsbridge to check out Harrods and Harvey Nic’s because who doesn’t love a good browse!? (I love the Harvey Nic’s exotic foods section) We had drinks on the rooftop terrace and I was grateful the rain was hiding for once!

To finish the day off we were joined by our very best family friends at one of my favourite restaurants in London ‘Saf’ above whole foods in Kensington! For any vegetarians/vegans/raw foodists or anyone who likes to try interesting takes on classic meals this is one worth checking out! I had the curry served with cauliflower rice and its was so great!

So that was my girly day! For anyone looking for fun things to do in London I would recommend highly all the above! Thank you to sanctuary spa, Nichola joss, The Ritz, Saf for having us..and all my lovely sprout suggestions! It was such a special day 🙂
peace out
Barks xXx