TT races, glamour + afternoon tea…

So this past week has been so much fun! In my last post I mentioned that I was going to the glamour awards… And I won!! I won breakthrough of the year and i was chuffed to bits! It was such a great evening and celebration of womanhood!! Victoria Beckham in her acceptance speech actually did her ever famous “girl power” (the 7 year old in me wanted to jump out of my seat grab a glow stick and sing wannabe) the whole evening was inspirational, celebrating women from sports, music, theatre and film! It was so great to see women celebrating other women in such a positive way! THANK YOU glamour magazine πŸ™‚ yipeeeeeeeee

This weekend I went home to watch the TT races in the Isle of Man! And the weather shone down on the island the whole time highlighting its beauty! It’s an amazing time on the Isle of Man because usually populated by about 85,000 people, for one week the island is totally flooded and the atmosphere is electric! We watched from the grand stand and it was so exciting seeing the racers set off! As i was there i remembered when I had just finished the show ‘I’d do anything’ I sung the national anthem before the race! I was such a proud manxie!!

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I am an afternoon tea enthusiast!! It’s my favourite treat and there’s nothing better on a Sunday than a drive and an afternoon tea! (I understand how rock and roll this sounds…..) there are many people who dash to the opening of a club or something, but for me I will be first in line for a cheeky little scone πŸ˜‰ on the Isle of Man there are some beautiful spots for this! Please send me your favourite places for afternoon tea! I recently tried the one in the W hotel in London (and I know I said it wasn’t rock and roll…….) but its all served on records and everything has rocking names!! I just thought it was so different I loved it!! Any way that’s all from me, lets visually all let out your inner 90’s child, put on our ‘pedal pushers’ slick our hair back (apart from 2 strands at the front… What was that about!?) and yell GIRL POWER! Just because….you know… It feels good!! Haha

Love to y’all πŸ˜‰ barks xxxx

20130613-071114 AM.jpg

20130613-071418 AM.jpg


54 thoughts on “TT races, glamour + afternoon tea…

  1. Oh wow so glad you’ve had an amazing week, and so thrilled for you that you won, all the voting paid off πŸ™‚ I’ve been watching the TT all week, inner tomboy comes out when it’s motorbike and grand prix races πŸ™‚ Oh I love afternoon tea too! One of my favourite places that I’ve been for afternoon tea is Wynyard Hall during the summer, it’s absolutely beautiful, and even saw your friend Russell Crowe there which was a bonus πŸ™‚ Much love Barksy x

  2. We just got a new coffee shop in downtown Lingsburg that serves a BUNCH of different types of tea. I’m straight edge (I don’t drink alcohol) and I’m not a coffee person so I was very excited to grab a nice hot cup if English breakfast tea last night. Very excited to go back and get all the other teas. They have a lot of mixed ones I’d like to try.

  3. TT races sound fun unfortunately my interest in motor sport does not go beyond f1. I had almost expected to see you at Monaco. Next year you should go. It is where all the beautiful people go so you would fit in no bother. Can we please have a recipe for sprouts?
    Take care xxx

  4. As another proud Manxie, I’d say Fleshwick Bay would be my fave place in the whole world for a picnic scone (and flask of tea). For something a little more effort-free the Chateau Laurier in my current hometown of Ottawa, Canada is pretty good – as is brunch but that’s a whole other story…..

  5. My favourite places for afternoon tea? Well, sometimes I feel like a little kid, I climb the tree at my familyΒ΄s cottage and drink tea here….I guess u never come here πŸ™‚ thanks for winning this!! I was so excited (y)

  6. When I went to Porlock, in Devon I had the nicest cream tea EVER!! If you like horse-riding as well you can stay at the campsite I stayed at called Burrowhayes Farm, which is the best campsite EVER!! If you like walking, the views around there are breathtaking, you should totally go Sam!! And if you do, get a cream tea at the Horner Corner Tea Room! You won’t regret it, I promise!!

  7. Very cool week you’ve had there lady! Congratulations!!! Watched some of the TT with my dad, still a lottle bit of a tomboy…I have little bike and F1 models lining my shelves…ANYWAY I wouldn’t know what places to mention for afternoon tea since I’m South African although if you’re ever down here I’ll gladly city hop around with you to all the rock ‘n roll spots that overlook my city!
    Love Always!

  8. Aww i’m glad you had a nice time, you truly deserved your award! I love reading your blog posts and i love the fact that you are so down to earth compared to other celebrities #sprout #eponineenthusiast

  9. I was watching the TT races…mildly terrifying speeds haha! My favorite tea spot has got to be my screened in porch in my backyard. Quite johnny cash. Down here in the south a glass of sweet tea does just as well! Especially with summer heat of 98 degree F 😳. And afternoon tea with some shortbread in the winter is the bright spot of the day. Rock on Samantha! Enjoy the races and cheers! x

  10. Where I live, we don’t really get cute little coffee shops and tea shops around that are within ten to twenty minutes. So I generally only go out for tea once in a while, but I especially love The London Tea Room. My two favorite teas there are both organic and very good. They have many many different types of tea, and I can’t wait until the day I can say I’ve tried the majority of them.

  11. Haha you make me giggle! Thanks for putting a smile on my face and being the highlight of my day! You’re a fantastic woman! They couldn’t have given that award to another person! You deserved break out 100%!!!

  12. WELLDONE!!!!! And guess what I love scones too, especially with jam and cream! You are such an inspiration and you make me proud to be a sprout!

    Lots of love to the lead sprout!!

  13. Sorry, I don’t drink tea. I’m Mexican. I prefer tequila and the best place for drink is obviously Tequila, Jalisco in MΓ©xico. De preferencia en una cantina.

  14. Dude! πŸ˜‰ It would be so cool if You opened a tea shop! πŸ˜‰ ‘Chez Barksy’ πŸ˜› Haha x

  15. GIRL POWER!!! Lol, Sam you know exactly how to make my day, with your quirkiness and uniqueness. I love you girl. The little green in the town I live in (Clinton, NY) is a perfect place to find quaint tea shops, pubs, and restaurants. I doubt you’d ever head this way, but if you did I’d take you out to The Dessert Booth and Alteri’s, two of my favorite home town specialties. Would love it if you’d come, dream??? Love to all you beauts.

  16. Hey Sam, the weather was absolutely gorgeous this TT week it’s not so nice now though, I think the suns been and gone. Did you hear about the crash in Bray Hill luckily no one died but there are a couple of people severely injured and everyone’s hoping that there going fine. P.s congrats in the award it was shown in the Manx independent xxxx

  17. Wow! Congratulations on the Glamour award, what an amazing honor! I don’t know of any tea places as I live in the United States and their not too common here, but I think it’d be so fun to have a little scone and tea break on Sunday afternoons. That’s totally me! Well keep shining and being your wonderful self! Your such an inspiration in the musical world.

  18. Nothing like listening to Pandora Radio at work and typing in Samantha Barks and tuning in. Makes for a faster and better work day. Thanks for making the day a better one, always!

  19. So glad to hear you had a good time! Must be lovely to see the Isle of Man so busy, since it’s such a small island πŸ™‚ Congratulations on the Glamour Awards too, couldn’t think of a better person to have won. Hope you have a great week πŸ™‚ xx

      • I agree! I’ve lived in the same place my whole life but whenever I’ve been off on holiday somewhere it’s always nice to be back πŸ™‚ xx

  20. My Suggestions 4 afternoon tea wouldn’t b much help cuz Sam wud have 2 fly all the way to Wellington NZ but one of my Favourites places is Martha’s Pantry it has scones and little nibbles of things tea’s it’s decorated like a little cottage and they Service is great I love the staff and u can book High Tea’s with drink of any choice and 3 plates with little Sandwiches, scones and Cupcakes little ones it’s great 4 an outing with friends, Family or just 4 lunch, Afternoon tea stuff like that it’s my place 4 a little treat

  21. I’m a huge afternoon tea enthusiast! I just celebrated my birthday Monday and had some lovely tea at the Windsor Arms in Toronto. Second year going and they just do the loveliest spread. I’ve had tea all over Canada and some places in the USA, too – I’m going to London in September and cannot wait to try tea at all sorts of different places. So far, have had the Huntington recommended to me! Also would love to visit the Isle of Man, but not sure I’ll have time when over there. So much to see in Britain!

  22. Hi Samantha. This is Lindsay from across the pond…. Your “Make A Wish” kid from NJ. Love reading your blog. Congratulations on your win…XO

  23. You need to go to Bettys tea shop if ever you are in York town centre, its on the corner of a busy square and transports you away from all the madness of 2013 back into the 1940s! It’s world famous and always has a huge queue of tourists outside – its not all bad though at least you get to listen to the buskers while you wait (hopefully its day where they have some decent ones performing!) You’d LOVE it x

  24. I find myself sometimes looking up words that I as an American don’t know. This time, chuffed. I figured you didn’t mean a steam engine moving with a sharp puffing sounds which is what it means here lol. Anyway, the sentence you wrote was it’s exact definition. “You would be chuffed to bits if you were really pleased about something.” This website is so funny. It’s called “The Very Best of British: the American’s Guide to Speaking British.” πŸ˜‰ Tangent, sorry. Well, congratulations on winning! So thrilled for you and all your success! πŸ˜€

  25. I think you could be the next Spice Girl…SPROUTY SPICE!! I’ve been listening to their music all day and thinking “GIRL POWER” all day too! πŸ˜€ It’s adorable and quirky things like this that make me smile and laugh πŸ™‚ Thank you for being such a good inspiration and role model ❀ Love You Samantha!! πŸ™‚ Xx

  26. I have two absolute favorite places in the world to get tea. When I studied in Oxford, there was a place called The Rose that was absolutely wonderful. It’s a really quiet location on High Street, the prices are incredible, and the tea is sublime! But my other favorite location is in my favorite place on Earth: Disney World! There’s a tea room at the Grand Floridian Hotel, and it’s wonderful. They have at least fifty kinds of tea, dozens of sandwiches, scones and adorable little pastries, and you get to look at the Cinderella Castle while you sip your tea. Could there be anything more perfect?

    • I’ve been to the Grand View tea room before (in Disney). It’s one of the neatest places on Earth. True that!

      • It’s soooo good! I love going there during Christmastime when they have the life size gingerbread house built in the lobby. But it’s really just as excellent as any tea I had in England, and better than some!

  27. YAY! I’m so glad you’re doing well! I really hope I can meet you someday! You’re an amazing person! Lots of love from your sprouts!

  28. Hi Sam! I know you probably won’t notice this, but i just wanted to say how much I love you and really hope i can meet you one day!!!! You’re amazing! Love from one of your sprouts

  29. It’s always quite lovely to be back home isn’t it? Unfortunately the best places to have tea in america is most likely your own home. Though the Mandarin Oriental in Boston has the wonderful tea time you can go to and they always serve this really good chai

  30. I LOVE YOUR BLOGS SAM!!! I’ve only just been able to see this so I missed all the talk about it on Twitter but now I want to go and eat a load of cake and drink tea… I am guessing this is good! The cafe in London sounds great!
    Love you lots and lots!
    Blossom xxx

  31. The grove museum and the sound have got to be my favourite spots for afternoon tea! Love them. I miss them! Ace you were home for TT gutted I missed it this year I heard the weather was unreal! Love your blog Barks! Lots of love xxx

  32. If there is one afternoon tea in London you must check out, & this has a lot to do with it’s fantastic views that stretch out across London & it’s incredible quintessentially British feel, it is the library in the County Hall hotel. Steeped in history this is beautiful spot to enjoy tea/bubbles into the early evening. Having been fortunate enough to check out a small handful of great afternoon teas venues, many would struggle to top this for location & setting…

    p.s Hugely enjoyed your performance in Cabaret at the Richmond theatre a couple of years back with the mighty Wayne Sleep.
    Defying gravity must feel like a long time ago… A big congrats!

  33. Here are some Afternoon Teas in Los Angeles you would like: Tres at the SLS Hotel, Boxwood Cafe at London Hotel, West Hollywood; Langham Huntington in Pasadena, Getty Villa, Tea By the Sea, only on Thursday and Saturday, 1 p.m.

  34. If you find yourself in Brighton (which I hope you will one day!) then some afternoon tea places I’d recommend are The Tea Cosy (I’m not that much of a tea person but if their cakes are anything to go by then I’d definitely try it) and The Mock Turtle (oldest afternoon tea place in Brighton) – they’re quite small, but definitely worth trying πŸ™‚ xx

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