Video from my sproutlings

Ok so this video may be the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I have just watched it 3 times so I could take it all in! Now crying….(happy tears…not ugly tears) 🙂
1. How bloody beautiful are my sprouts inside and out!! I am one lucky sprout boss!
2. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send their lovely video messages and posters and pictures I am so deeply touched you have no idea!
3. The fact that many of you said I have inspired you to rock out your inner self makes me beam, but you should know you guys inspire me daily with your kind words on twitter to be myself…and just smile 🙂
4. I am so happy you guys have all met each other and found a little quirky nook in this crazy world!! You are all so loving and it only makes sense that you all meet epic-ness to match your own epic-ness! I’m also proud and thrilled to be a part if our kooky gang 🙂

Sending the worlds biggest hug to all you beautiful beings!! 🙂 Barks x

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TT races, glamour + afternoon tea…

So this past week has been so much fun! In my last post I mentioned that I was going to the glamour awards… And I won!! I won breakthrough of the year and i was chuffed to bits! It was such a great evening and celebration of womanhood!! Victoria Beckham in her acceptance speech actually did her ever famous “girl power” (the 7 year old in me wanted to jump out of my seat grab a glow stick and sing wannabe) the whole evening was inspirational, celebrating women from sports, music, theatre and film! It was so great to see women celebrating other women in such a positive way! THANK YOU glamour magazine 🙂 yipeeeeeeeee

This weekend I went home to watch the TT races in the Isle of Man! And the weather shone down on the island the whole time highlighting its beauty! It’s an amazing time on the Isle of Man because usually populated by about 85,000 people, for one week the island is totally flooded and the atmosphere is electric! We watched from the grand stand and it was so exciting seeing the racers set off! As i was there i remembered when I had just finished the show ‘I’d do anything’ I sung the national anthem before the race! I was such a proud manxie!!

Something not a lot of people know about me is that I am an afternoon tea enthusiast!! It’s my favourite treat and there’s nothing better on a Sunday than a drive and an afternoon tea! (I understand how rock and roll this sounds…..) there are many people who dash to the opening of a club or something, but for me I will be first in line for a cheeky little scone 😉 on the Isle of Man there are some beautiful spots for this! Please send me your favourite places for afternoon tea! I recently tried the one in the W hotel in London (and I know I said it wasn’t rock and roll…….) but its all served on records and everything has rocking names!! I just thought it was so different I loved it!! Any way that’s all from me, lets visually all let out your inner 90’s child, put on our ‘pedal pushers’ slick our hair back (apart from 2 strands at the front… What was that about!?) and yell GIRL POWER! Just because….you know… It feels good!! Haha

Love to y’all 😉 barks xxxx

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Life is just banana’s…

So first entry to the blog!! I have the glamour awards tonight which I am super duper excited about as I have been nominated for breakout of the year! Yipeeeee! I have been asked on twitter about healthy breakfast ideas so this morning I made breakfast for my sister and her boyfriend and it was a success!! So I will use this opportunity to geek out about one of my favourite gadgets that I have in the kitchen, my air fryer! This deep fries things without ANY oil!! (I KNOW!?) It gives you that crispiness without adding a thing!! I got experimental and wondered what would happen if you air-fried a banana!? Answer: DREAM!! Such a simple yet healthy breakfast! I toasted a slice of rye bread spread peanut butter on it, topped it with the air-fried banana, added a little drizzle of maple syrup and then to finish a little sprinkle of cinnamon!! Boom! The airfried banana was caramelised and really brought out the sweetness which tasted amazing with the peanut butter and cinnamon! The panel were pleased 🙂 so I think I will make that one again!! Good morning/day/night! Barks Xx

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Welcome to my blog!!!

Welcome!!! So through twitter I have come to meet many new wonderful people (high five to my beautiful Sproutlings!) So I thought it might be fun to start a blog (how very Carrie Bradshaw!) So here I can share some hopefully interesting things I find along the way  (I promise they wont all be sprout recipes) Very new to the blogging world but I’m very excited to meet you all here and get the chance to interact with you all!! Let’s Go!

Good morning/day/night to you all. Barks Xx