Passion for fashion!! LFW

Firsty thank you so much for my sprouts who have been voting for me in the Anglophenia tournament you guys rock my world and your on going support with everything is majorly cool to me! Very lucky to have you lovely people in my life!

London fashion week has now come and gone…much like the British summer. I was lucky enough to catch some shows whilst I have been here in London (the shows that is…not the weather, I somehow managed to miss that window if sunshine! )

This was my very first experience of fashion week and I loved it! My first show was Whistles and I have always been a fan of their clothes so to see them storming down the catwalk in their full glory was a treat! Their clothes are always so elegant and beautifully fitted! Their show was so beautifully simple and elegant and the clothes were showcased beautifully in the Heron Tower with gorgeous views over London!

My fashion week highlight was the Topshop unique show! The atmosphere was electric in there and heightened when Anna Wintour and Kate moss (who is SO striking, all heads were turning.) I was lucky enough to sit next to one of my besties the lovely Daisy Lowe and after having a cheeky little catch up it was times for the show! From silk sun dresses to suede jackets the clothes were beautiful, shown by the likes of the gorgeous Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn in a lovely mixture of colours from marigold yellow, warm peach and white and at the other end sea blue and velvet green! I left excited for next season…and really wanting a backpack!! 🙂

To round up lots of beautiful clothes, girls, clothes, champagne and every canapé under the sun! (I had a nice surprise at an event at Harrods for the launch of Dr. Lancer, instead of champagne there were fresh juices and instead of canapés healthy snacks like sugar free brownies curtesy of soul mate foods! mmmmmm 🙂 check them out sprouts!!) Lots of pinks, metallics, cut out backs and backpacks I have left feeling inspired and again….really wanting a backpack 🙂

My next blog is going to be a recipe after having a little time back home I have been experimenting to find some great things to share with you! 🙂 see you soon! Barks xxx

20130918-091942 AM.jpg

20130918-092102 AM.jpg

20130918-092225 AM.jpg


17 thoughts on “Passion for fashion!! LFW

  1. it´s bad Katie McGrath is still winning…so tight!!! my afternoons are looking like *vote-view results-return to poll* 🙂 I must say again J´adore you and there are thousands of sprouts who love you more than anyone else 😡 be so kind like this time…forever

  2. Glad you’ve been having fun at the fashion shows. I’m also glad to see you get to spend some time back home. Hopefully you’ll get to spend some time with your family (including the most adorable dog ever, Lily) and friends. Thanks for keeping us sprouts informed and for helping us become a family, WE’D DO ANYTHING FOR YOU! and other sprouts.

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  4. Sugar free brownies- what an interesting little dessert. You look quite dashing in those pants. Hopefully, you’ll get that backpack 😀

  5. you need to know you are MY BIGGEST IDOL IN THE BLOODY WORLD!! your fashion sense is just……..aaaaah uh-maazing!!! i hope to me meet you someday! 🙂 xoxo THE argentina sprout!

  6. Hey Sam, Glad,you’re having fun!And you’re welcome,voting and supporting you is what we do. 🙂 I know that we are all very proud to be sprouts! #proudsprouts

  7. Hi Sam! Sounds like you have had a fun filled and exciting past week! You have the best fashion sense and inspire me when I choose my own clothes. I bet it’s nice to have some down time and be able to hang out with your family (including adorable Lily).

    Love and hugs,
    Your sprouts

  8. Such an amazing blog Samantha! Love the pictures. Keep up with the awesome stories😊Your Sprouts love them, and we’re working are hardest to make you proud!😘 Love you lots Sprout Queen♥️

  9. Can’t wait to see the ChristmasCandle and Dracula..still hope u reprise Eponine on Broadway some day…but ur super busy because ur a super actress and singer

    • I would love to see u on stage someday..I loved ur voice and acting in Les Miz,and have seen videos of Chicago when u sung with the cell block tango…I love music,it can cure anything…I love acting,as it allows me to be anyone I want…I am 53 years old,I just admire ur voice and acting that I have seen..I am sure this is unusual for someone my age to be posting,but assure u it is because of singing and acting-which I admire..For this reason,if ur uncomfortable,please block me..also ,if any of the sprouts feel this is inappropriate,let me know and I won’t post anymore…enjoy ur success-stay true to ur wishes

  10. Sending you a letter Sammi! I hope you get it if you get this!
    Keep and Eye out for a Letter from Celia Macdonald in New Zealand!
    it will take a while to get there as well

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