Life is just banana’s…

So first entry to the blog!! I have the glamour awards tonight which I am super duper excited about as I have been nominated for breakout of the year! Yipeeeee! I have been asked on twitter about healthy breakfast ideas so this morning I made breakfast for my sister and her boyfriend and it was a success!! So I will use this opportunity to geek out about one of my favourite gadgets that I have in the kitchen, my air fryer! This deep fries things without ANY oil!! (I KNOW!?) It gives you that crispiness without adding a thing!! I got experimental and wondered what would happen if you air-fried a banana!? Answer: DREAM!! Such a simple yet healthy breakfast! I toasted a slice of rye bread spread peanut butter on it, topped it with the air-fried banana, added a little drizzle of maple syrup and then to finish a little sprinkle of cinnamon!! Boom! The airfried banana was caramelised and really brought out the sweetness which tasted amazing with the peanut butter and cinnamon! The panel were pleased ๐Ÿ™‚ so I think I will make that one again!! Good morning/day/night! Barks Xx

20130604-021553 PM.jpg


70 thoughts on “Life is just banana’s…

  1. Wanna know what you need to do?? Slice up bananas, and put peanut butter in between two of them, like a sandwich. And cover with yougurt and freeze them….. Yep…. Like, the bomb….

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